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Install An Irrigation System For Your Lawn

Keeping your yard green and happy can be a very tough thing to do, but there are a few thing that you can do to make sure that your grass stays healthy all through the spring, summer, and part of fall. You are going to need to fertilize, aerate your lawn, spray for weeds, and make sure that your grass is watered properly. The first few things are really easy, but watering your lawn can be extremely tricky. The best way to make sure that your grass is getting the water that it needs is to install an irrigation system and have it installed. You will be able to buy any type of system with any number of sprinkler heads. Once it is set up, you will be able to water your lawn without any problems. Here are a few different reasons to install a good irrigation system in your lawn. 

Set It And Forget It

One of the very best reasons to get a system installed in your lawn is because you can set it and forget it for the most part. You will no longer have to haul a hose around the yard trying to make sure everything is watered. You will want to continually inspect your grass to make sure that everything is getting enough water, and if you see that there is an area that is dry, you will want to adjust your sprinkler heads. Other than just a few minor inspections, you can pretty much forget about your system. 

Timing Is Everything

Many people think that it is best to water the lawn at night so it has all night to soak into the ground, but watering at night can actually kill your grass. The water is able to be absorbed by the grass, but the damp ground is a perfect place for fungus to start growing, and fungus will kill off grass. Timing is everything, and you are going to want to set your system to water you lawn in the early morning. This is the time when it is still cool enough for the water to sit and to soak into the ground, but the sun will come up and dry up all the excess water. When you have an irrigation system installed in your lawn you can set that timer to go off in the early morning and then you can have the grass that you have always wanted. 

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