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A Checklist For Home Sellers

Before you start thinking about putting your home on the real estate market, there are probably some things that you can do with your property to make sure the sale goes smoothly. Take a look at these opportunities to improve your home before a sale.

Remove Clutter From Your Home

First of all, it helps to get rid of the clutter in your home so that you can really see the space and decide what needs to be done with it. When you have a lot of clutter in your home during staging, it can be distracting to your buyers because they will have a harder time imagining their own furniture in the space. So pack up some of your items and remove them to a storage unit so that you can really get to work.

Inspect Your Property

Another thing to do is get a home inspection to see what an inspector would say about your property. Your buyers are sure to do this anyway. You wouldn't want to wait until you have a serious buyer, because if something serious turns up on the property inspection, you may have to start from square one again. You can be proactive about this by getting your own inspection and making sure that things are ready to go before you even list your house.

Update Your Finishes

Aside from making major changes to plumbing, structure, electrical wiring, or other issues that the home inspector might turn up, be sure to save some of your budget for updating the finishes of your home. Just a simple thing like replacing a countertop could be all you need to make your property number one on someone's list. You might argue that buyers can replace finishes themselves, but it's harder for buyers to see the finished property in their minds than it is for you to finish it for them.

Fix Up Your Landscaping

Landscaping services are much more than just a finishing touch. Landscaping can make a big difference in your first impression. For one, the listing you put out will probably include a featured picture of the exterior of your home. If it is properly landscaped, that can denote to buyers that the property is well kept and that you have devoted the money to maintaining the property. When buyers arrive on your property, a nice lawn and outdoor plants can also create a positive vibe. But they can also help hide siding problems or other blemishes on the exterior of your home. Contact a company like Urban Paradise Landscaping to learn about your landscaping options.

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landscaping on a budget

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