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Landscaping Info: What Should You Know About Synthetic Grass?

If you are struggling to keep your lawn green and healthy, you might be considering synthetic grass. This type of grass is recommended if you don't like to water, have a lot of dead spots, or you simply want something that is low-maintenance. Here are some things to know about using synthetic grass in your yard.

There is Some Required Prep Work

The first thing you should know about synthetic grass is that you don't just lay it down and call it a day. It requires prepping your current yard first. If you have lawn, you of course need to pull all of it first. Once you do that, you need to make sure your ground is flat and even, removing any rocks, weeds, or other debris you find. Raking the soil can help you see how flat it is or whether it needs to be leveled out. You also want to have a good drainage system so that the water can drain through the backing of the synthetic grass.

You Can Choose From Different Types of Synthetic Grass

There are also a few different types of synthetic grass to choose from. You will notice different brands of grass that have their own set of benefits. The one you choose might come down to cost, availability, and quality of that grass. When looking at the different types of synthetic grass, you want to look for grass that has grass quilted into the backing so that it looks as much like natural lawn as possible. It should be made of quality materials, such as polypropylene fibers, which also look new and last a long time.

It is Very Low-Maintenance

One of the top reasons to choose synthetic grass over real grass is that it requires virtually no maintenance. You no longer need to worry about watering the grass as most synthetic grass doesn't require watering at all. It is not built into the soil, therefore it doesn't need to grow. You should also not have to mow the lawn since it won't grow at all. Pest problems are typically less severe with synthetic grass since not many insects are drawn to it; some may still exist but not nearly as much as with natural grass.

Also consider some of the other benefits of this type of lawn, such as the fact that you won't track wet grass blades in the house after it rains and you won't have puddle issues anymore. It is also safe for everyone in your home, including your pets and young children. Contact a landscaping company, like Landscaping by Porter Landscaping, for more help.

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