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4 Attractive Ideas For Your Driveway Paving

You may not give your driveway a lot of thought until it's time for a new surface. However, the driveway is a large part of your front and side yard landscaping. Not only that, it's one of the pathways to your home. Design a driveway that enhances both the landscaping and your house.

Traditional Brick

If your home is historical in style, a brick driveway can provide a stately entrance. Herringbone is a common pattern for such a wide expanse of brick work. The points of this strong pattern can literally guide the eye to your home. For a more subtle effect, consider one of the bond variations, such as the classic running bond or stack bond pattern. Concerning colour, red and gray are traditional. However, consider asking for variations on one of those hues to avoid the colour's taking center stage.

Faux Cobblestone

If you fancy the look of laid stone but don't want the cost or upkeep, consider concrete stamped and stained to look like cobblestone. For this construction, contractors, like the ones at St Boniface Landscaping & Pavingstone Pavingstone Patios, pour a single slab of concrete dyed gray. They then stamp it with one of the patterns characteristic of cobblestone, such as the attractive fans associated with European cobblestone. To enhance the look, they can stain the surface to make the ridges between "cobbles" appear deeper.

Colourful Asphalt

On the other end of the spectrum, perhaps you'd like to enhance the bold lines of your contemporary home with the driveway paving. Never mind the typical black of asphalt – the material comes in a wide variety of colors from slate green to pure white to red rose. One option is to have a single pour of asphalt in a bold colour for your driveway. Alternatively, consider having pours of different colours that create a checked pattern leading to your garage door.

Eco-Friendly Lattice

Homeowners often use turf lattice as a border material. However, as the Landscaping Network points out, concrete turf pavers are sturdy enough for a driveway. As the name suggests, contractors typically fill the spaces between the pavers with turf. However, it's possible to start with a bed of sand as the foundation for the pavers. Contractors lay the turf pavers into this sand and fill the holes with tiny gravel. The result is a patterned driveway that also happens to inhibit runoff. Such a permeable surface is an ecological boon in regions where runoff can lead to flooding.

To create an attractive transition between the driveway and landscaping, either plant right up to the edge or enhance both with a formal border.

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